Lively Blue Bubbles in the Light

  • Oil on canvas
  • 40cm x 40cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~
  • Why do I look for challenges like this? To paint such a lively item you have to exercise your memory! Bubbles don’t stand still in the air waiting for you to paint them! These reflected the blue light of the sky behind me.
  • R 1900

Inviting Stoep in Volmoed

  • Oil on canvas
  • 43cm x 44cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~ South Africa ~ Still Life ~
  • As I grew up in a Plant Nursery, these pots on the stoep of a peaceful retreat attracted my brushes, so much so that they nearly painted all on their own! In finishing it, my art mentor revealed that the pointed pot came from her grand-mother a long time ago . .
  • R 2200