Massage and Happy Hormones

During a therapeutic massage, your blood flow is increased. This encourages the nervous system to release chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin (the Love hormone) and dopamine. Releasing these chemicals into the bloodstream increases the production of positive hormones that boost your well-being.

Your massage will stimulate the activity in your brain and initiate your body’s chemical processes. During massage the stress hormone cortisol is reduced and several “feel good” chemicals are released. This can help lower chronic stress levels in your body.


Trigger point massage therapy techniques set off some of these hormones and can lead to an increase of energy and can elevate your mood. Endorphins, freed by your massage, act as a natural painkiller and the relaxation allows for a good nights rest.

A fun fact: your body produces some of these happy hormones naturally when you
create art or music, dance, exercise, laugh, have sex, eat dark chocolate, or have a glass of wine.

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