Massage For Healing Emotional Stress

The challenges of modern living can keep many people locked in a state of constant stress. Fear, anger, death and the worry of financial woes are just a few of the feelings people can experience on a daily basis. Even good stress, like a marriage, a birthday or the birth of a child, can all have a similar effect on your body and muscles.

When you are emotional, your muscle tension is a reflex reaction to stress. This is the body’s way of guarding against injury and pain when your are emotional. Once you calm down, the muscles release again. However, constantly tensed muscles may not get the chance to loosen up. Headaches, chronic pain, depression and body aches can result from the knots and spasms caused in your muscles.

One of the most effective ways to release trapped emotions, is through emotional stress massage therapy. It can help release these negative feelings and reduce the tension in your body. When your massage therapist is working on your body, they often encounter areas that are incredibly tight. These are areas of your body in which negative emotions are stored.

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The release of crying after your massage is a completely normal response; massage accesses and unlocks negative energy trapped deeply in the soft body tissues. Anger, fear, sadness or euphoria, these are some of the emotions released in the mind and body. Most people report a feeling of increased relief, deep relaxation and a sense of peace.

Emotional stress massage therapy is an energy healing treatment, a method for creating quick and lasting relief. This treatment releases and overcomes stuck emotions within both the mind and the body. Your massage therapist is trained to help you through this process and will support you during this time. Together, you can discuss how you should move forward.