Regular Or Deep Tissue Massage: The Difference

Most people don’t know the difference between a regular massage and a deep tissue massage. The difference between the two techniques are subtle and concern the pressure applied, the areas of focus and the aim of the treatment.

For a more intense treatment that eases tension deep in the muscles and connective tissues, deep tissue massage is the way to go. Regular massage uses more moderate-to-light pressure and gentle strokes to provide relaxation.

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Deep Tissue Massage treats the dense connective tissue, also known as the facia, as well as the muscles and tendons. Best for people who engage in vigorous physical activities, such as sport and manual labour.

The focus is on the deep inner layers of your knotted muscles and it provides relief from pain and speeds the easing of muscle tension and strain. Deep tissue massage is an effective treatment for chronic muscle pain.

Regular Massage helps to relieve stress, eases tensed muscles in your neck, shoulders and lower back. Light massages are offered at resorts, health clubs and cruise ships for relaxation.

A regular massage leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed. No specialised techniques are used in a regular relaxation massage session.