Cape Town Dream

  • Oil on canvas
  • 26cm x 36cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~ Landscape ~ South Africa ~
  • Cape Town is a city rich in cultures, arts and people and the richest after Brazil in its vegetation. This painting is in honour of its colours.
  • R 800

A Donkey Cart In South Africa

  • Oil on canvas
  • 50cm x 78cm
  • Artwork ~ Commission ~ People ~ Sold ~ South Africa ~
  • This commission was requested by a lady who lived in rough circumstances in Namibia and held a great admiration for donkeys all her life. The details that were required to complete this painting were that the painting must portray joyful colours and be somehow textured enough for one to be able touch its roughness, which I did in the leaves of the trees.
  • R 6800

Quiet Sea of Hermanus Bay

  • Oil on canvas
  • 38cm x 76cm
  • Artwork ~ Commission ~ Landscape ~ Sold ~ South Africa ~
  • A lady Nurse living inland and dreaming to settle at the sea asked for a simple representation of the sea to remind her of her “bucket list” of wishes
  • R 2000

Pink Feathers on a Rock

  • Oil on canvas
  • 36cm x 76cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~ Nature ~ South Africa ~
  • At the tip of Africa, the late sun-rays can be red or sometimes really pink, so I present it here on the pearly feathers of these seagulls waiting for their last catch.
  • R 4000

Seagull Discussion in Hermanus

  • Oil on canvas
  • 35cm x 46cm
  • Artwork ~ Nature ~ Sold ~ South Africa ~
  • On a miserable day, feeling too lonely, I went to the furthest point of Hermanus. A few minutes passed and a cloud of seagulls arrived. Some, seeing no movement, went and perched on poles and had quite a discussion up there as my painting took shape.
  • R 2500

The Charging Lion

  • Oil on canvas
  • 89cm x 70cm
  • Artwork ~ Nature ~ Sold ~ South Africa ~
  • This is my first animal painting! It dawned on me to transfer my image of such a wild action onto canvas, while reflecting a spiritual dimension.
  • R 16000

Gecko Under Sun Ray

  • Oil on canvas
  • 50cm x 50cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~ Nature ~ South Africa ~
  • In the Karoo desert were I lived for a few years, it was fascinating to see large numbers of these little reptiles at night turning on the wall under the outside light. Their skin is literally transparent so it gave me the inspiration to paint it in a more natural environment, first with charcoal then with oil, to get this translucent effect of its little body.
  • R 4500

Reflection of a Lavender Mountain

  • Oil on canvas
  • 42cm x 58cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~ Landscape ~ South Africa ~
  • When I went to do an exhibition in Tulbagh, I had to install my paintings very early that day and as the morning sun was still pinkish, it tinted the still silent mountains around with a lilac and lavender colour. With the sun's rays just touching the green fields, my artist eye could not escape the tranquility of their reflection in the water!
  • R 4200

Hidden Mountain Farm in Tulbagh

  • Oil on canvas
  • 35cm x 67cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~ Landscape ~ South Africa ~
  • The beauty of life in this painting lifts up the contrast between the greenery and the dry mountainside surrounding the farm. Every year more buildings pop up and life increases where before no life was.
  • R 4300

Hermanus Cliff Path in Spring

  • Oil and sand on canvas
  • 35cm x 50cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~ Landscape ~ South Africa ~
  • This place could not escape being painted! Every week it has a different colour. So to give a more definite texture to the painting I used river sand to build the rockery and oil paint for the vegetation. This one is my sculpture painting.
  • R 4300