Massage Therapy

For Inner Balance and Harmony

“I invite you to my new clinic at The Round About, 181 Main Street, Hermanus, South Africa. I have joined with Dr William Fogwell, our fantastic Chiropractor in town.

Claudie Lemoine

A good idea: think of having a lymphatic drainage massage if you suffer from water retention, sore joints, over-weight, depression or any other complaint that slows you down. Expect amazing results!

Try an effective combination of Deep Tissue Trigger Point Massage and Aromatherapy along with professional Nutritional Advice for the restoration of life in your body.”

Lemoine Massage Therapy Clinic

Massage became widely used in Europe during the Renaissance. Massage Therapy was first introduced in the USA in the mid 19th century by two American physicians who had studied in Sweden.

Theraputic Massage is a great way to improve your quality of life. It provides a safe and effective way to relieve stress and can be both stimulating or soothing, helping to create inner balance and harmony.

Massage Therapy encompasses the philosophy that the body knows how to heal itself and relies on the principal that touch is the medium by which signals are sent to the body — to do what its own wisdom tells it to do.

Practiced in a professional environment and applied in the correct way, Massage Therapy is one of the most powerful treatments for the relief and prevention of pain. Massage Therapy helps one achieve a total state of well-being in a non-invasive, safe and healing way.


7 Benefits of Deep Tissue Trigger Point Massage

  1. Seriously reduces the chance of injury
  2. Minimizes effects of degenerative diseases
  3. Improves range of motion and muscle flexibility – resulting in increased power and performance
  4. Shortens recovery time between workouts
  5. Helps you to practice your sport straight away
  6. Maximizes supply of nutrients and oxygen to tissues through increased blood flow
  7. Enhances elimination of the metabolic by-products of exercise.

This treatment is beneficial for persons with arthritis, stiff muscles or fibromyalgia and is a great help for athletes, pregnant ladies, children and babies. Excellent preparation for an overseas trip or some competition. © 2021 | Red Orchid Projects