Aromatherapy Massage Treatment


Aromatherapy massage is a treatment using massage oil or lotion that contains essential plant oils. During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale these essential oil molecules or absorb them through your skin. The overall purpose of aromatherapy is meant to improve your physical and mental well-being and add harmony to the session.

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Emotional Stress Massage Therapy

Modern living can be filled with challenges, keeping a large majority of people locked in a constant state of emotional stress. People can suffer from numerous emotions on a daily basis ranging from fear, anger, death and financial woes, just to mention a few. Good stress like birthdays, marriage and childbirth have a similar effect on your body and muscles.

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Tulips in a pumpkin

  • Watercolour on board
  • 30cm x 42cm
  • Artwork ~ Available ~ Still Life ~
  • My last watercolour painting titled 'Tulips in a pumpkin!'.
  • R 3200


  • Oil on canvas
  • 28cm x 37cm
  • Artwork ~ Commission ~ Nature ~ People ~
  • A commission for a nurse who at the age of 65, wanted her little black and white photo of the time when she was 6, to be in colour and a little bigger.
  • R 5000