Massage For Over-Exercised Muscles and Joints

Everyone should be doing some sort of exercise to keep fit and healthy. How much exercise you do depends on you individually. When you overdo a high impact exercise it can damage your joints and put strain on your muscles, causing injury.

Some of the signs that you may be over-exercising are: sore muscles and joints; feeling run down or tired and depressed; constant injuries; not sleeping well.

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A massage before your exercise workout can help you unwind in preparation for your workout. Getting a massage after a hard week of exercise will help you soothe stiff and sore muscles. Massage improves blood flow to your whole body, promoting healing throughout the body.

While a single massage session provides short-term ease, for long-term health benefits it is good to make it a habit. When you have a pattern that includes exercise and massage, you help your body.

After a massage, be sure to drink plenty of water!

Source: MedlinePlus