The Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage targets stressed, overworked muscles and connective tissues to ease your chronic joint and muscle pain. The technique is also used to treat strains and sports injuries, also known as musculoskeletal issues.

It reaches the inner layers of your muscles, connective tissues and promotes faster healing by increasing blood flow and minimises inflammation.

Your therapist will guide you during the treatment as it is common to feel discomfort during deep tissue massage. You may feel stiff and sore in the day or so after your deep tissue massage. This discomfort is described as a “good pain”, the kind that feels good at the same time.

We advise you give your body and mind a rest after a massage. To avoid the risk of injury or overworking the treated muscle, we advise you to avoid any physical activity for the rest of the day. Treatment once every week is ideal for chronic pain to keep your muscle tissue pliable.