Best Massage Aftercare Tips

In present-day living we often need to rush from one chore to the next and because of this, it is easy to undo the benefits of a good massage treatment. Here are some useful hints to help that post-massage feeling last as long as possible:

Avoid stress
As much as possible, avoid stressful situations just before and after your massage treatment;

Turn down the volume
When driving your car home after a massage treatment, avoid loud energizing music and opt for relaxing tunes.

Go home, dim the lights, put on some nice soft music, rest and relax. You should wait at least two hours before bathing to get maximum benefit from the essential oils which are used in the massage treatment;

Steer clear of strenuous activity
Immediately after your massage treatment, take it easy. Light stretching is advised if you feel the need to exercise;

Stay hydrated
Most therapists encourage hydration to help flush waste and prevent next-day soreness;

Watch your diet
When you’ve just had a massage treatment, don’t go and eat a heavy meal. Have something light, a salad or fruit;

Have something light to eat after your massage.
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Be smart
Try to schedule your massage treatment for the end of the day or on your day off. That way you can go home and relax afterwards;

Manage your time
Schedule your massage treatment and facial/hair appointment back to back, this way you can extend your just-for-me time;

Invest in a regular massage therapy session
It is less stressful to budget for your monthly massage treatment so that it is accounted for.

Your massage therapist may recommended that you wait 24 hours before doing exercise after a massage treatment. Once your massage has flushed away waste and toxins in the body, you will reap the benefits. If you have any concerns, always feel free to consult your therapist.