Depression Relief Using Massage Therapy

The most common signs of depression can be a persistent low mood, loss of interest in the things that you love, feelings of unworthiness, poor concentration and thoughts of self-harm.

Different reasons and causes often combine to trigger depression. For some people divorce, illness, work and money worries, losing a loved one and stress can often set off depression. Just to mention a few.

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Depression affects the brain’s chemical balances, the neurons in the hippocampus shrink, making it difficult to concentrate and can cause memory loss. This also makes completing familiar tasks difficult, leading to feelings of hopelessness, guilt, and anxiety.

Your massage therapist may use a variety of massage techniques, to stretch the energy flow to areas of your body to conjure up the memory of your initial trauma. This treatment will stimulate emotional release and help you deal with your depression, in real time.

Massage is known to stimulate serotonin and dopamine, this improves your brain wave activity, your mood and your feeling of well being. Massage also aids in the quality of your sleep.

You do not have to deal with your depression alone. There is help. Why not talk to your massage therapist?